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  • don't mind me rting jinmin stuff I miss them and I'm sad https://t.co/yZTGyRLSub
  • RT @BZavaletaMD: Unfortunately, #COVID was not the cure for #cancer. Wouldn’t that have been great? Let’s support our loved ones with can…
  • Masks aren’t so bad. Honestly I could get used to making horrible faces at people when they’re talking to me at work without them knowing.
  • RT @xlilhuddy: don’t talk to me or my 13 other personalities like that ever again
  • RT @bryantsagron: if you support bi lesbians softblock me. i don’t care i literally don’t give a shit. if you support bi lesbians you’re bi…
  • @GaryLineker @MichaelWeadock @PaddyMcGuinness @armoaning I haven’t said once wether I agree or disagree with Dom’s… https://t.co/HpVUYAuDaU
  • If that doesn’t work it’s okay cause people tend to ignore the mistakes of the rich
  • RT @ginkohs: i'm caving a posting a fullview of some artwork i drew for the natsume yuujinchou zine- I keep feeling like I haven't been pro…
  • RT @The_Law_Boy: I do not endorse Amy Cooper's actions, I am simply concerned that we're becoming a society where you can't even threaten a…
  • RT @Tweet_0_Matic: @LBC I fully support @BorisJohnson, Dominic Cummings and our elected government, however I don’t trust the unelected Med…
  • RT @rehabhassan84: You wanted to make a better road instead of the one we didn’t complain from that’s good but what’s the meaning of taking…
  • @yourauntemma What the expression. " Forgive them they know not what they doing.". The problem is they do know wha… https://t.co/vk9p7YIdyl
  • RT @fbmajoc: Don’t let gunna hear this shit
  • RT @Azrael556_Fet: @TheNumba1Guy Didn't that account get outed as a propaganda operation a few years back?
  • @dykenap omfg i didn’t mean the hearts i-
  • RT @ElaineLuriaVA: I am honored to receive this important endorsement from a man who puts country above party and has dedicated his life to…
  • RT @charliekirk11: BREAKING: House Republicans are suing Nancy Pelosi to stop her illegal proxy voting rule It would allow just TWENTY me…
  • RT @jessicaahowardx: Are you even British if you don’t say ‘someone’s having a BBQ’ every time you can smell one
  • @Courtbug2_ Girrrl this don’t make no sense they gotta go ASAP 😂😂
  • @teagirlgf text her don’t be a coward
  • RT @themouseyouknow: Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee out of my Animal Crossing licensed coffee pot https://t.co/DG63vv40im
  • RT @Kmimi_mi: Ok, aqui esta el dibujo que prometí! ÚnÙ ay como los adoro a estos dos juntitos🌸 . . #karmaland #KarmalandFanart #Rubius #rub
  • RT @mrjamesob: Nothing ever changes, does it? 'We're so clever/rich/powerful we don't have to follow the rules. But if you don't there'll b…
  • RT @daekardash: this girl know her nigga that lives in my building cheating but she ain't have no key fob to actually get in, and get to hi…
  • #نصرالله Close Alliance with AMAL w/o PROBLEMS!? secondary issues w/ FPM ONLY for REFORMS !?parliament elections in… https://t.co/Dvkk4MYtxh
  • في اشاعة طالعة انه في شابه حلوه بالقروب لهيك اجيت 😁 صحيح الخبر🙄 https://t.co/ZjMii3cXAf
  • Boys are so stupid they don’t realize that tik tok game they’re giving up their secret oh so that yeah you be doing that when you lie 😭🤪😂
  • @AngryExpo @augmc2 Wait, you can't changedifficulty mid game?
  • @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump What an uninformed speech about Insulin. For one thing, insulin would kill a non-diab… https://t.co/xk3EDMJcDK