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  • I’d love some money for fitness equipment! I’m not in very good shape at the moment and I feel very insecure, I wan… https://t.co/ODs9FsrbuV
  • As long as you have the right model, you should be able to do it fine. Otherwise, I'd recommend grabbing PPSSPP on… https://t.co/YtU4ZjJ2C5
  • anyone have tips for drawing digitally and .. traditional? mainly digital cause my d*d bought me a drawing thing fo… https://t.co/4dDO1SfZEm
  • @parfaitking Well it is a good start at least! :^D
  • 😺✏ — i’d make sure you fucked me good https://t.co/8ikmxGvyfL
  • I’m SO good on bar but they’re like “oh you’re still new so you’re on reg” like I’d rather die let me make drinks!!
  • ill be real kiwi should not have the audience that they do, for their sake. i would want that now but if i had that… https://t.co/RiDj2Bhi8O
  • Where was the good energy he is giving me when i wanted to die? Where was the good energy when i told him i get bul… https://t.co/jgbqVVX76W
  • RT @alisalem147: "But today's my birthday and it's a special one because you told me...you once told me that by the time you came back we m…
  • I’d like to officially welcome prospective @whitesox bandwagoners. Remember: black always looks good, and try the C… https://t.co/UrltORqNUO
  • @CashApp I’d love some money for fitness equipment! I’m not in very good shape at the moment and I feel very insecu… https://t.co/Ld9ppResML
  • RT @BrianCuff1: @paauilo11 @AlexMarlow @BreitbartNews She not even sure he’d be a good candidate. Wonder if she’s rubbed the blond hairs on…
  • RT @MACKWILDS: during my 90210 days, i randomly went to a studio session with my bros and wound up being one of voices in the prayer for Ke…
  • Billboards across the Southeast was one of my many goals for the last decade. I’d say we did pretty good! 😉 Here’s… https://t.co/PIkBX6NhCF
  • well my dad's gf got me These but i think they'd only look good with a matching fursuit or something lol https://t.co/o3saLqjke2
  • RT @Danwhite1972: So Iain Duncan Smith is getting a Knighthood A knighthood I know hundreds of good, better examples of humanity who go t…
  • ⏱Minnie & Mickey prepping their 2020 to-do list! This stationery set was a good find at our fave Shibuya Disney Sto… https://t.co/ZwPN6iLAWE
  • @BrianMetolius Keri Russell was the only good thing about that film, and maybe Babu. I’d honestly love so explore h… https://t.co/wLITfsvkl2
  • RT @savthorpe: So I watched #BombshellMovie and my hot take is this: it’s extremely important that the protagonists were brave but not good…
  • @clem_bdy @e_modular @dhh @daveying99 @jmeller Or rental car companies. They already have the infrastructure and li… https://t.co/vLoauMx79v
  • RT @pastarugge: je suis si fière d’elle? cette année elle s’est surpassée, malgré une rupture difficile, elle a bossé comme une tarée, elle…
  • RT @WeSayFacts: Despite what is going around, good people will be always good.
  • @DONJAZZY I'm a hardworking youth who's very focused 2make a difference.I want 2be a part of d @MAVINRECORDS.famil… https://t.co/uUk4j0SAbX
  • @MiniatureMallow I feel ya there, but it just FEELS SO GOOD BURRITO'D IN BLANKETS
  • 〔定期〕d(*・ω・*)【GOOD MORNING】(*・ω・*)b
  • Really be like that tho especially when you waved man. I’d be taking 2 puffs and just be in some deep thoughts for… https://t.co/o1KAPXEqIQ
  • @KimeeBe It was. When I was small my mum would kid me on that I'd get coal from Santa if I wasn't good, she would n… https://t.co/LqR1A7RTGt
  • RT @eliza_relman: Good morning! Trump RT'd the QAnon conspiracy hashtag today. https://t.co/Ilrqx6Qa0G
  • RT @christoph_21: This is a bloke who said he spent £40m then later admitted it was £15m. And we have no proof it was more than £5m. This i…
  • You and your hot body always managed to make me nut...You're a good friend, Qing~." He said as he leaned down and… https://t.co/B4AAbBsNqY